building ethics & empathy into innovation

Decision Science for Ethical Leaders

sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

immersive workshop on decision-making for students, aspiring leaders, and executives developed by Matthew John Brady
and powered by Volley Solutions

Strategic Context

Moral Obligation

The ethical imperative to making the best possible decision as a steward of resources & responsibility

Compliance Need

Broad regulation and fundamental obligation require adherence to rules & standards of industry stakeholders

Competitive Advantage

Ever-increasing pressure on market incumbents and entrants... those who decide better, do better

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Use Cases

Mundane Decisions

Rely on “digital instincts” to respond to customer inquiries, notifications, referrals, and routine planning

Important Decisions

Utilize judgement to prioritize projects, select vendors, choose candidates, and proceed with approvals

Epic Decisions

Leverage diverse perspectives to make an investment, locate a facility, and identify patterns via historical data

Tools & Techniques

Statistics & Probability

Understand the biases and heuristics inherent in predicting outcomes and calculating expected value

Analytical Hierarchy Process

Beyond the mathematics of Conjoint Analysis, AHP allows for qualitative criteria in quantitative scoring

Volley Decision Engine (TM)

Harness the power of a collaborative platform that is secure and scalable to make the best possible decision

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11/11/2022 - FULL

11:00A - 1:00P | KOBL 102
Leeds students and staff

02/03/2023 - FULL

9:30A - 11:30A | KOBL 100
CU students, faculty, staff

03/03/2023 - FULL

11:00A - 1:00P | KOBL 352
CU students, faculty, staff, and community

06/01/2023 - FULL

12:30P - 3:30P | KOBL 312
Leeds students

07/06/2023 - FULL

9:00A - 12:00P | KOBL 312
Leeds & CU students


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Rave Reviews

the participant feedback says it all

The best part is using the tools to apply to a real decision instead of talking about it in theory. This is a very well done presentation and extremely helpful for students or really anybody.

Non-Profit professional

Using the simulator to help me choose the city I might relocate to for my full-time job was huge. It was nice to see that we can both be successful in business while simultaneously involving ethics and empathy.

Samir - financial services new hire

Using experiences or decisions from our own lives. Instruct everyone to go through the program and see how it works! I think I’ve gained a good understanding and will be able to apply them to most of my upcoming decisions.

Cailin - student

This definitely made me think a lot more surrounding some important decisions I am about to make

Joshua - student

I feel good! I like knowing people around me are also facing hard decisions, and that I have teachers like you to help out!

Morgan - entrepreneur & student

I loved how interactive it was while also being very informative! I feel much better prepared after the seminar.

Nick - student

I liked the hands-on decision-making examples that showed the software. I feel very good about being able to apply what I learned today.

Ellie - student

I learned when and how we put the theory to practice. I feel great, and I know what I need to improve now.

Nate - student & inventor

The highlight was going into the empathy of decision science. I feel good and more confident in where I’m at in my decision-making.

Kate - student

I feel very good about my ability to apply these concepts although it will definitely take practice and mindfulness to master the application of these concepts. I feel very good about my ability to apply these concepts although it will definitely take practice and mindfulness to master the application of these concepts.

Madison - student

I really enjoyed the casework and personalized approach to discussing issues that apply to us. You provided us with very applicable examples that showed how we can use many of the technologies that we’re learning about. I feel much better about my decision-making in the future. It’s nice to have an analytical source to help make decisions and add more reasoning.

Carson - undergrad student


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