building ethics & empathy into innovation

Exclusive new curricula offerings developed by
Matt Brady, Entrepreneur & Educator

University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business

Customer Success
with Salesforce CRM

360° Customer View

Customer Intimacy, Business Operations, Revenue Cycle

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Benefits & Costs, Rewards & Risks

History of Innovation

Competitive Positioning, Clouds, Architecture

Depth & Breadth

Organizational Values, AppExchange Marketplace, Project Practicum

Low-Code for
Citizen Developers

Business Stability & Agility

Strategic Imperatives, Front-Office Growth, Back-Office Efficiency

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Benefits & Costs, Rewards & Risks, Vendor Selection

Application Orchestration

History of Innovation, Kevlar Quilt TM, Architecture

Agile Project Sprints

Planning the Work, Working the Plan, Multiple Practicums


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