building ethics & empathy into innovation

Technology-enabled curricula developed and delivered by
Matthew John Brady, Entrepreneur & Educator
offered to students currently enrolled at the
University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business

Customer Success
with Salesforce CRM

360° Customer View

Customer Intimacy, Business Operations, Revenue Cycle

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Benefits & Costs, Rewards & Risks

History of Innovation

Competitive Positioning, Clouds, Architecture

Depth & Breadth

Organizational Values, AppExchange Marketplace, Project Practicum

Low-Code for
Citizen Developers

Business Stability & Agility

Strategic Imperatives, Front-Office Growth, Back-Office Efficiency

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Benefits & Costs, Rewards & Risks, Vendor Selection

Application Orchestration

History of Innovation, Kevlar Quilt TM, Architecture

Agile Project Sprints

Planning the Work, Working the Plan, Multiple Practicums

Leadership in
the Digital Age

Digital Disruption

Digital Business, Digital Innovation & Future Trends, Remapping your Industry

Becoming a Digital Ambassador & Adventurer

Individual "Disruption Alerts" & Team Presentations, Leading Change & Case Studies

Remodeling the Enterprise

Strategy & Actions, Digital Business Models & Benchmarking, Digital Transformation, Digitization & Digital Ubiquity

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Data Management
for Business

Organizational Modeling

Hierarchy & Org Charts, Matrix & Collaboration Paths, Budget & Capital Allocation

Data Management

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Model Changes (DDL) & SQL Structured Query Techniques (DML)

System Optimization

Cloud & SaaS, Indexing & Constraints, Normalization & Denormalization, Keys, Permissions, Integrations, Tuning

How do these classes integrate?

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Strategic Context

Understand the Moral Obligation, Compliance Need, and Competitive Advantage of Decision Science

Use Cases

Explore examples of and templates for Mundane Decisions, Important Decisions, and Epic Decisions

Tools & Techniques

Build upon core Statistics & Probability, utilizing Analytical Hierarchy Process via the powerful Volley Decision Engine for collaborative decision optimization (TM)

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Compelling Results

Top Rated

Consistently receive 97%+ approval ratings, 11% higher than the CU average

OTA Certified

"Online Training Academy" certified via the CU Boulder Learning Design Group

Collaboration Enabled

Share ideas and feedback with other innovators via text, voice, and video chat

Impact Oriented

Partner with industry leaders to engage in various projects, conferences, and causes


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