building ethics & empathy into innovation

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Active Integrity

maintaining the best talent and highest performance while mitigating crisis and compliance


Customer Success

driving recurring revenue, retention, and satisfaction via Customer Relationship Management


choosing the best option and improving over time using Collaborative Decision Optimization

New Technology
Cloud Management

Enabling Ideas

fostering creativity and expanding the scope and scale of jobs to be done via low-code development and integration

Entrepreneurial Launch

equipping and activating a growth mindset and level of risk-taking to achieve breakthroughs


Elevate Your Effectiveness

a selection of recommended resources

Bet on yourself --
entrepreneurship and building

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Blockchain in
Talent Acquisition

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On the introduction
of AWS IoT

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Make key decisions using
information, not intuition.

Matt Brady - Founder, Volley Solutions


When was this site launched?

In 2021, in concert with a new program at the Leeds School of Business @ CU Boulder.

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Yes, Matt Brady is a frequent conference & keynote speaker. Send us a note to book.

Will you cover other topics in the future?

We sure will. If you have a suggestion or want to author content, drop us a line.

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