building ethics & empathy into innovation

Leadership in the Digital Age

mapping from strategy to execution, for startups to enterprises

An advanced business technology curriculum adapted by
Matthew John Brady, Entrepreneur & Educator
offered to students currently enrolled at the
University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business

Digital Disruption

Digital Business

Digital Innovation & Future Trends

Remapping your Industry


Becoming a Digital Ambassador & Adventurer

Individual "Disruption Alerts" & Team Presentations

Leading Change & Case Studies

Remodeling the Enterprise

Strategy & Actions

Digital Business Models & Benchmarking

Digital Transformation

Digitization & Digital Ubiquity


Depth & Breadth

This course also covers important aspects of business technology and digital transformation

Culture & Values

Internalizing values, ethics, and integrity

App Marketplaces

Creating additional value through incremental innovation

Applied Learning

Examples from real-world scenarios and organizations

Career Preparation

Salesforce Certification

Preparation for the most widely acknowledged industry credential, the Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA)

Industry Opportunities

Map out Internship, Full-Time, and Entrepreneurial paths



take the next step that's right for you

Course Synopsis

In the digital age, leaders have to orchestrate radical redesign of everything from their internal processes to their business model on an ongoing basis. This requires leaders to adopt new approaches to leadership and new behaviors. This course provides students with the skills required in identifying business opportunities, finding appropriate information related technologies and leading innovation efforts to success.

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