building ethics & empathy into innovation

Low-Code for Citizen Developers

equipping future builders & citizen developers to create and connect applications via low-code platforms

New technology-enabled curriculum developed by
Matthew John Brady, Entrepreneur & Educator
offered to students currently enrolled at the
University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business

Business Stability & Agility

Strategic Imperatives

Understand the drivers of organizational priority-setting related to digital transformation and enablement

Front-Office Growth

Trace revenue and retention goals to specific use cases, and go from idea to implementation faster than ever before

Back-Office Efficiency

Survey and identify the processes that would benefit most subtantially from modernized, usable applications

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Benefits & Costs

Evaluating "COTS" and custom software, ROI models

Rewards & Risks

Measuring intangibles and mitigating issues

Vendor Selection

Choosing the right tools for the job

Application Orchestration

History of Innovation

Progression of "no software" to "clicks not code"

Kevlar Quilt TM

Knitting together the best-in-class solutions


Identity, Security, Data Model, Process Roles

Agile Project Sprints

Planning the Work

Define the scope and resource capacity

Working the Plan

Execute in an interactive manner

Multiple Practicums

Grow the solution via hands-on experience

Skill Benchmarking

Platform Certification

Equip yourself to earn endorsements for the most prominent low-code platforms used in industry today

Industry Opportunities

Map out Internship, Full-Time, and Entrepreneurial paths


take the next step that's right for you

Course Synopsis

The days of recruiting, training, retaining, and growing an in-house development team are waning. As the war for talent rages on, organizations need to move faster, invest more diligently, and protect operational priorities. As such, a new era of technology has emerged, whereby “citizen developers” are able to conceive of, rapidly build, and scale apps, without needing to go through traditional IT timelines and gates.

Low-Code Development & Integration (“LCDI”) is now a reality. The ecosystem that has emerged around leading SaaS platforms like Salesforce.com allows for rapid time-to-value. Popular platforms that have accelerated this progress include Zapier for system integration, Trello for agile sprint planning, Twilio for unified messaging, TypeForm for responsive web forms, VideoAsk for programmable video, Skuid for scalable user interfaces, Zoom for synchronous and asynchronous cloud collaboration, and Airtable for flexible cloud data.

This course was developed purely around the core tenants and tools of “LCDI”. It provides students with the strategic context of human-centered technology, the guiding principles of design thinking, and the practical skills of building and evolving applications using the leading PaaS & iPaaS tools. This curriculum will empower students as solution builders and digital innovators. By fostering creativity and expanding the scope and scale of jobs to be done, students will learn to create and capture business value by “enabling ideas”.

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clicks, not code ...
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